Help! Touch Pro no Sound, but recovery after reset

Help! Touch Pro no Sound, but recovery after reset

I have using touch pro over half a year and from last month till now this problem happened timely, that sometimes the sound will suddenly disappear, for incoming call, music, sms, etc. and when the call connectted, I cannot hear the voice. But after I reset the phone, the problem fixed, and maybe after while, it comes again.

It is very boring, because you do not know when it will happen, and will it no sound this time, during this time I flashed several ROMs (all cook from NRG, TKS him), and this problem still exsit, will be the hardware broken?

TKS for your help in advance!
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This is the exact problem I have, It's really annoying! have you come to fix it yet??!? please let me know, I have been searching the forum for a solution, with no answer!!

I have similar problem. Everything is working ok but after 10 - 15 hours I don't have sms sms sound. Soft reset helps but it's a bit annoying to reset phone so often.

So updating radio will help? Are you sure?  

Touch Pro Screen problem

Touch Pro Screen problem
Hi all

just wondering how many people have experienced an issue with their htc touch pro's

when using pocketxpdf or any program which has a grey/brown background, on the bottom edge of the screen there is a band about 7mm in height where the screen flickers. and then when the handset is flipped into landscape mode, you can see a ghosted image of the bottom bar again on the left edge

how many people have this issue?

when i have my camera in my hands tomorrow i will post a picture up to show what i mean

About the landscape issue.. I've started a topic some time ago.
videos included.

poor video drivers.. who knows..

  Exact same issue

I have this same issue. I noticed it after I flashed NATF's v1.2 Rom and applied the HTC Black v.1.93 1.1b theme using the Diamond Configurator, it seems to want to be grey and the HTC Black wants it to be black, not sure if this is what makes the bottom bar flash only.

I then tried to install the Sprint theme using Diamond configurator and the flicker lessened but stil noticeable probably due to the all black background. As soon as I turn to landscape it ghosts and lines begin to flicker on the far right.

Not sure if I should reflash the Rom...or if theres some other way to address this.
Aicks!.. duke_stix now I truely understand what you're talkin about. Today, I was listeing to radio. After a couple of hours I changed the volume and surprise, i've seen a gray band in the bottom area, near the black burned dots from the display edge (I've got 4 dots. 2 in the left , two on the right, both are parallel.. and they are visible on light/white images when looking at a different angle). Damn, it was so visible!.. I've restarted it and the band was still visible on the splashsreen.. I've pulled of the battery, restarted again.. still visible.. After a while it started to fade slowly.. right now I really can't notice the band..

duke_stix any updates on yours?

Here's how my "burned" dots are looking.. i hate 'em!
has anyone ascertained the cause and found some solution.
I just noticed the exact same thing today ..
i dont know if it is a previous problem i noticed today or it has been forever ..
the only thing that happened today b4 i noticed the issue was that the phone got hung on today screen .. completely unresponsive ... for about 1 hour .. i then removed battery to reset .. later i found this screen issue ...
Hi there,
Well guyz, since last night, I ve been analyzing the problem. I seem to have found a temporary solution, not something professional though.
Its not a permamnent damage (thats for sure).
I was seeing the shadow of the bottom bar of TF3D showing "Programs" and "Phone" ... however, i went to the weather menu and put my phone standby from there. After 5 min when i switched it on and went to volume screen I saw the shadow of bottom bar saying "5 Day" and "Menu".... Thats means that wherever you are at the point of standby, somehow, the bottom part of that screen is shadowed after power on ..
SO last night while going to sleep, I took a total black picture and went to alum and opened the picture in full screen mode. at that point i put the phone to standby . when i power it on in the morning no shadows are there, the screen is crystal clear.... and now i ve been using the phone for half a day and it has not emerged .. maybe if this procedure is followed every night, the screen will kinda reset all pixel memory. its too early to conclude, but a positive start though ... maybe u guyz can try it too and let me know the results ..


WMP hijacking BT controls in some custom build

WMP hijacking BT controls in some custom builds

I think is should be the correct forum for this. If any of you use core player, nitrogen, pocket music, or whatever, you'll notice that windows media player often hijacks your bluetooth controls. I've noticed this in quite a few pre cooked roms, but not when I cook my own using the kitchen. Is this a bug or a feature of the chefs and can it be disabled?

Originally Posted by ftdn2006 View Post
I think is should be the correct forum for this. If any of you use core player, nitrogen, pocket music, or whatever, you'll notice that windows media player often hijacks your bluetooth controls. I've noticed this in quite a few pre cooked roms, but not when I cook my own using the kitchen. Is this a bug or a feature of the chefs and can it be disabled?
To clarify what Da_G just said . . .
Originally Posted by Da_G View Post
What you want is a stock "BTHCI.DLL", if i recall correctly
the stock BTHCI.DLL for WM 6.1/Raphael does as you describe. WMP is always controlled by AVRCP, no matter what player you're using (unless it's HTC Music Player). The modified BTHCI.DLL that Da_G provided for WM6.5 corrects that "issue" by allowing other media players to access AVRCP control. However, this breaks the AVRCP functionality of HTC Music Player.

If you prefer to use the 6.5 BTHCI.DLL file, I made a cab install of it:

T-Back 6.5 BT

Thanks to Da_G for providing the updated driver!

P.S. The reason you don't have the issue when cooking in Da_G's 6.5 Kitchen is because Da_G included it in the "Mods" folder.

Question about the PTT button.....

Question about the PTT button.....
If you go to settings --> personal --> buttons, you'll find that you can assign programs to buttons, and the first two is PTT (Push to talk).

Well, i've never really used this, but the PTT button on a HTC Touch Pro is the middle circle button right?? I tried to hold it down but nothing comes up, by default the camera should show up.

I tried the other buttons like the pick up call button and it brings up the task manager, so that works, but i can't get the PTT to work....
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phenomena.. spacebar works in android, not WM

phenomena.. spacebar works in android, not WM

So now with the dual boot options posted and available for such a wide range of devices, i've decided to try android out and check on its progress.

I have had issues with my keyboard ever since WM6.5 had been leaked.. so its been for a while now. i would have to press very hard on my backspace key, and my spacebar would be hit or miss. I would hit it, and sometimes get multiple spaces, other times nothing at all.

I even flashed the default ATT stock rom to see if it was a rom problem.. there have been many threads about this saying that this was a hardware problem, and i hate to open a new one, but i think this deserves a new thread.

I installed android this morning, and ALL my keys work as they are supposed to. So i would like to get confirmations from other people with this issue on Windows Mobile, by having them try android and see.

I return to windows mobile and the problem still exists. I go back to android and the problem is gone! so i can confirm this is NOT A HARDWARE ISSUE

I will upload videos later.

^^Another reason why i love my WinMo Phone and hate UF^^[UF class of 2012!]

backup & change T9 custom words on windows mobile

October 20, 2008 · 3 Comments

before you flash or hard reset your device, you might want to backup your T9 custom words. They are saved in eT9Rudb.Rdb in the windows folder.  There is also eT9MyWord.exe in the windows folder, allowing you to edit, change, delete, … the custom words.
Categories: HTC
Tagged: Diamond, HTC, T9, Touch Pro, windows mobile

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  • bala // March 29, 2009 at 2:26 pm | Reply
    hi gud post. i was lookin 4 editing my words n googled a lot n found nothing. thn i started surfin my own windows folder in my device n this eT9MyWord file caught in my site n finaly did it.
    i googled eT9MyWord file name n got ur wud hv been easy 4 me if i got into this page fitst itself.
    gud post…
  • dave // April 9, 2009 at 3:19 pm | Reply
    thank you it was good to know it and i was going to do a hard reset but since you said this it save me…
  • Shange // July 10, 2009 at 5:34 pm | Reply
    I was googling how to edit “my words” and found this awesome page! thank you!

The Icons some theme for HTC Touch Pro

i just made this thread in the Diamond area

i am in the process of modifying my Touch Pro and i thought i would share it with the community

At the moment i made 2 landscape themes..
more to come!!

Preview of the themes:

HOWTO hardreset (format) your HTC Touch Pro

EDIT 2010 : the instructions below work on my phone,  (and on many phones), an unbranded original HTC Touch Pro (Raphael/Fuze).  If this would NOT work on your phone, there are a lot of comments below (thank you), with different ways to reset this phone, that worked for other users.  Good luck.
Hard resetting your phone is like reinstalling windows on your computer, and chosing to format your windows partition. It will wipe out all data of your phone, your messages, your contacts, pictures, xls data, everything.  Except what’s on your memory card.
So before you hard reset your phone, backup your data.  Some tips :
1. Backup your phone with PIM backup (messages, contacts, …)
2. copy your pictures etc either to your computer, or to your memory card
3. If possible, sync mail, tasks, calender, contacts with either your exchange server, or outlook, or …
To quote :
1. With your phone on. Pull out your stylus.
2. Hold your Touch Pro upside down.
3. Press and Hold the VOLUME DOWN and ENTER buttons, then press the RESET button with the stylus tip till message appear
4. To HARD RESET, Press the VOLUME UP button to perform the hard reset, or else press any other button to cancel.
5. Then just follow all the screen instruction to continue…
hardreset touchpro
hardreset touchpro

master list of HTC diamond manilla themes, icons, clocks, tweaks

Hi all!!

TrizO has done a new mirrored Collection thread!
Thanx TrizO!

Please continue in that thread...

and mods... please close this one!!

Sorry I haven't updated this thred for a while, but I've been very busy...

So I was wondering if anyone felt like taking over this thread?
Someone with a little more time on their hands..
Keeping it updated and fresh...

Send me a PM and I will talk with a moderator and try to fix it...
Thanx for everything guys & gals!

I read that some of you wanted a place/thread for all Themes, Applications and Software…

So I thought I would take the step to create such a thread…
Inspired by ‘TheChampJT’ in the Development and Hacking forum

This is just the first layout (no layout), I will have it looking more nicely later on…

Sorry to anyone I have forgotten here…It’s still a work in progress
Please let me know if I forgot anything
Help me making this thread better...

Hope u will like it…

Under Development

The order of the links is in no particular order, just how I found it...
New stuff will be posted first

TF3D Mod's
TF3D menu (icons)

TF3D menu (icons)

TF3D menu (icons)

TF3D menu (icons)


TF3D menu (icons)
TF3D Mod's
Individual Small changes to TF3D
Apps & Tweaking
Manila Customizer

updates on custom ROMS for the HTC Touch Pro

November 17, 2008 · 2 Comments

I’m currently using ROMeOS V1.40, which is very fast and very stable.  Good GPS  reception, activesync / pushmail working 100%.  My HTC hasn’t crashed anymore in the last 2 weeks, which is a first!  I highly recommend this rom, it’s clean, it’s nothing fancy, but it made my Touch Pro the best GSM / pocket pc i’ve ever had.
  • ROMeOS² World Wide English version here
  • ROMeOS² French Version here
  • ROMeOS² Dutch Version here
Another very popular ROM atm is a Rom made by the PDAviet forum.  Some users are discussing this  rom here in English :  They are porting stuff from the Touch HD to the Touch Pro.  Haven’t tried this rom yet, but i’m following it closely, as it has some potential.
A first beta of the Elite Rom Project has been released here .  I wouldn’t recommend this rom yet (it’s beta), but as it’s made by a few of the best skilled rom devs, its worth checking it out.  It might become the best ROM yet.
and finally PROven Rom.  This guy is also porting stuff from the touch HD to the Touch Pro.  I might install a next version later, it has some potential.  Check it out here .

HD manilla from Touch HD on HTC Diamond / Touch Pro

HD manilla from Touch HD on HTC Diamond / Touch Pro

November 17, 2008 · 1 Comment

“Hackers” of XDA have managed to port the HD Manilla from the HTC Touch HD to the HTC Touch Pro & Diamond.  (manilla is the Touch Flo 3D user interface from the HTC Touch Pro / Diamond / Touch Hd).
some release notes :
- Fastest manila version
- 1 new tab – Stocks!
- 1 updated tab – Weather (now the forecast is for 5 days)
- BackGround4All pages mod included
- Forward option in messaging menu
- Customizable tabs. U can chage an order or hide any tabs you want by using new option in settings menu. Attention!!! U can see common tabs only !!!
Please note that all this is still beta.  It’s worth cheching it out, if you know what you’re doing.  Otherwise, i would wait untill a more stable (and easier to lauch) version is launched.
link here :

Update on Themes, roms, games & dialer for your HTC Touch Pro / Fuze

January 23, 2009 · Leave a Comment

long time since there has been an update,
some new themes for your touch pro / Fuze

What is CFC compression
Thanks to Chainfire for that. What’s CFC? Its a compression method for the tf3d image files that greatly reduces file size. The CFC cab and zip below also included a modified manila.exe and mode9.dll necessary for the cfc compressed files along with two other dlls and ALL manila image files compressed. CFC compression allows for quicker tf3d.
BBExtreme 2 link

This is, in my opinion, the nicest theme around.  CFC and non CFC version available.  only problem => the guy removed the calender.  A new version should come available this weekend with the calender added back in!
Blue TF3D link

from the same guy, nice blue theme.  CFC compressed version available.
Touch Pro Super Arcade 3.3 link
One cab, with these games
Navtetris by Baldo
Net Hack PPC by M Stephenson
All Mobile Mines by BinaryFish
Battleship by Steve Belczyk
Chess by Valentin Iliescu
Clickball by
Connecting Jigsaw
Crosswords by Eric House
Cubicle Chaos from Microsoft
Dope Wars by Jenifer Glover
ICBM by Geoff Macdonald
G-Invaders by ageye DONATE
Tangled Bugs by XflibINFO
TripYzee by Tim C.
Caver by Ageye DONATE
Diamond Beer v2 by cgeboers
Sensory Overload by Koush
Pocket Uno by OrangaProgramaro
Pipes by Xflib
Sudoku by Xflib
I’ve flashed a lot of roms in the last few months.  Some ROMS to remember
The Amazing Rom v10 R WWE link
This is without a doubt, one of the nicest looking roms out there.  It’s quite fast, and a nice addition id P.D.M.  This enables you to download cabs from the PDM, and install them with just one click.  Gps is fast also.
The Raphael Elite rom RC3 link

This is the rom I’m using right now.  Very fast, and a lot of tweaks & apps built in.
Lantis OS link
Been using this one also.  Also very fast, and worth checking out his RC2 builds with Manilla HD included.
There is no best ROM.  Almost every rom is fast, and quite bugfree.  Test them all :)
Do you also pick up your phone accidentally from time to time ?  Most new roms have changed the default dialer with a new version that includes a dialer.
have a look at it here

Upgrade to 6.5

Upgrade to 6.5


I'm a little confused I have a German HTC Touch Pro and I asked HTC-support if it is possible to upgrade my WM 6.1 to 6.5 They denied it.

Is it possible?

f You mean original WM6.5 OS, for Raphael, then it isn't possible right now, but...if You use cooked ROM (non-official) then it's possible, HTC support wouldn't recommend You this. __________________

almost all the cooked roms are WM 6.5, the official one won't work but the cooked versions are better anyway imo......

HTC Free ROM Updates available to Windows Mobile 6.5

HTC Free ROM Updates available to Windows Mobile 6.5

HTC originally made the promise when they released the HTC Touch Pro 2 back at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in February that the Touch Pro 2 would be fully upgradeable to Windows Mobile 6.5 when the binaries went gold.
To their word, HTC have come good with their promise and are rolling out official updates for both the Touch Pro 2 and the Snap. So Touch Pro 2 and Snap users may be able to get a ROM update to 6.5 very shortly. The reason I say ‘may’ is that it also depends on your mobile phone network. e.g. If you are on T-Mobile, they have a T-Mobile special branded ROM and T-Mobile may turn around and say they don’t want to provide the new ROM due to support issues that might arise from it.

So unfortunately it’s still not 100% official, but at least some good news for Touch Pro 2 users. Unfortunately no news yet on the HTC Touch Diamond 2 :-(

HOWTO flash your HTC Diamond or HTC Touch Pro with a custom rom

HOWTO flash your HTC Diamond or HTC Touch Pro with a custom rom

September 18, 2008 · 31 Comments

We all love our Diamond or Touch Pro, but as you may have noticed, they might be slow, even after the tweaks & registry fixes, might contain too much or too little programs, or little, or y ou may like or dislike the interface. For every HTC device ever made, there must be over 10 custom roms, which may just be the ideal ROM for you.
I had the grey screen of death already twice this week on my Touch Pro (just a white screen with black dots). As HTC hasn’t come up with a fix (yet), I’m flashing my device. I’ve collected some info on how to do it (as it differs from my HTC P3300. I hope this information can be usefull for you too.
Note that If you do not wish to flash your device, you can speed up alot with the tweaks found here or by using HTC Advanced Config here
For the Diamond
1. Before you begin
  • backup all your data (see my post about pimbackup)
  • make sure activsync / windows mobile device center is working
  • turn off all power management options
  • find a rom you like
  • A lot of roms can be found here at XDA
2. HardSPL
Every Diamond or Touch Pro must have it’s SPL flashed with a version that allows any ROM. Default only allows the official HTC roms. This wasn’t the case with my P3300. This is actually quite easy, and you can flash back (if you would ever need to send your HTC back to HTC)
  • for a detailed guide with screenshots check here
3. Upgrade Radio
  • for a detailed guide with screenshots check here
4. and finally flash the rom
  • again for a guide here
For the touch pro
interesting available roms
  • RomeOS : homepage here
  • Raphael Elite project (work in progress), homepage here
  • DCS touchpro rom : homepage here
  • I’m going to use the RomeOS.
1. Before you begin
  • backup all your data (see my post about pimbackup)
  • make sure activsync / windows mobile device center is working
  • turn off all power management options
  • find a rom you like
  • A lot of roms can be found here at XDA
2. HardSPL
  • for the Touch Pro you have to use this version found here, and not the one in the guide with screenshots!!!!
  • for a detailed guide with screenshots check the screenshots from the diamond here
  • hower make sure you’re using the correct hardspl version, not the one from the diamond!!!
  • also make sure you have .net framework 2.0 installed on your workstation.
  • note : the device will ask you if you trust publisher X. If you do not press yes fast enough, the update program on your pc may give an error. If you press yes at that moment, your screen will remain black. Just run the update utility again, and it will connect to your device and upgrade your SPL.
  • how to check that the Hard-SPL has completed successfully?
    boot into Bootmode by hoding volume down + pushing reset, see version number on tricolour screen, should now just say 1.90.0linex :)
4. and finally flash the rom
I’m not updating the radio at this time, so i’m going to point 4, flash the rom.
  • you can follow the screenshots from the diamond here
  • however specific instructions from the rom you will be using apply. In my case from romeos, found here
Just updated my Touch Pro with this rom, will update another post on how it works.
If you still feel uncomfortable in doing this, check out the guides posted above and the fora at XDA. Do not attemt to flash or update your device before you fully understand the procedure. Good luck! Also if you like to learn more about custom roms, cooking them, XDA is the site for you !



My display didn't respond anymore to touch, so I replaced it with a display found on Ebay. After 2 hours installing it, it worked awesome to touch , not even new worked like it, but the display color is weird, I understand the new display is not an original HTC part, but the effect is like when You have a warm color temp, like the old computer monitors, so my question is: Is there any way to change the display color temp, or change the color settings? I would like to increase color level and colder color temp.

Get a registryeditor, and browse to the following key:
Make sure you rename the redirect, and mess with the settings a bit.

I cant say definetly, because it just sounds like you have a crappy screen.

Microsoft eyes clean break with Windows Mobile 7

Microsoft's long and winding road toward regaining lost ground in the cell phone business will reach an important milestone in Barcelona next month.

At the annual Mobile World Congress event, Microsoft will at long last show off Windows Mobile 7--its oft-delayed major revamp of the decade-old Windows CE code base that has been at the core of its mobile operating system since the days of challenging the Palm Pilot.

Sources told CNET that Microsoft is still planning to finalize the code for Windows Mobile 7 by summer in order to have the new software on devices that ship before the end of the year.

Separately, though, Microsoft is also working on a new consumer phone line, early pictures of which cropped up last year, that is designed to be the next generation of the Sidekick product line that Microsoft inherited with its acquisition of Danger.

Although it is not a widely rumored "Zune Phone," the new consumer device is based on Windows Mobile and likely to be able to connect to Zune and other consumer services that Microsoft has been developing for some time now, sources said. That product, also due to arrive this year, should come earlier in the year ahead of Windows Mobile 7 devices.

Microsoft declined to comment on Windows Mobile 7 or the new consumer device, but Robbie Bach, the head of the company's entertainment division, did tell CNET in an interview at January's Consumer Electronics Show that Microsoft would have a lot more to say about the future of the phone business in Barcelona. Microsoft has also promised developers headed to the Mix 10 trade show in March that they will be able to get information on how to program for Windows Mobile 7.

"Yes, at MIX10 you'll learn about developing applications and games for the next generation of Windows Phone," Microsoft said on the Mix Web site in a Jan. 20 update. "Yes, we'll have Phone sessions, and we can't say more...yet."

Although Microsoft has typically been loath to make major changes to the desktop version of Windows at the expense of compatibility, the software maker appears ready to make a bigger break with its mobile past--a sensible move given its declining share of both the market and developer interest.

With Windows Mobile 7 hit by several delays, Microsoft last year released Windows Mobile 6.5, an interim update designed to make the current operating system more "finger-friendly" on touch-based devices. The company also rebranded devices using its operating system as "Windows Phones" and launched a new marketing campaign.

At the same time, though, longtime Windows Mobile phone makers including Motorola and HTC have been gravitating toward Google's Android mobile phone operating system. LG, which had planned to center its smartphone efforts on Windows Mobile, has also said it will offer a number of Android-based devices.

Motorola to work with Google to sell the next direct to consumer Android phone « Boy Genius Report

Motorola to work with Google to sell the next direct to consumer Android phone « Boy Genius Report

Phone wont turn on.

Phone wont turn on.

My Alltel Touch Pro will not turn on. I just bought it and everything worked great. Then I took it out of my pocket and it will not do anything. I have pulled out the battery did a reset, everything I know of. I have device insurance if I need to go that way.

My previous Pro never had any problems like this. Also its not the battery, as my wife switched them around with hers and it still didn't work, by my battery worked in her phone.

Can you get the device into bootloader mode? You enter bootloader by: 1) remove, then reinsert battery 2) Hold the Vol Dn button & press the power button 3) wait for bootloader {multi-colored} screen before releasing Vol Dn button. If you can get to this screen then you can try reflashing the ROM. You can download official ROMs from HTC or Alltel's websites.
If the device is doing nothing at all; then I would recommend getting a replacement. You stated that you just bought the device. Does that mean that you bought it New from Alltel {or other authorized dealer}? If so, then you are covered by the manufacturer's warranty for a year or more.
Many cellular providers will handle the warranty service in-house; meaning that you call Alltel & request a "Warranty Replacement" for your device. If the carrier is still carrying that particular device, they will send you a new/refurbished replacement {Handset only}. You then return your 'Broken' device to the carrier, & you're done.
The other option would be to contact HTC's warranty center. They will require you to send your device to them & they will inspect & repair/replace the device. This route will cause you to be without your device during the repairs.

Before contacting Alltel or HTC for warranty services; check the device's LDIs {Liquid Damage Indicators}. If the LDIs turned red {or even pinkish}, then they will refuse warrany on the basis that the item has received water damage. If this is the case, then file a "lost" phone with alltel & report it to insurance. If you report the device as lost, you can keep it for parts, or use it for target practice; but you will never be able to use the device with a cellular network. If you report the device as "broken", the insurance co. will require you to send the device back to them {so they can get it repaired & sell it for more money}.

How do you hard reset a HTC Snap?

How do you hard reset a HTC Snap?

Hi folks,

Got two phones here with forgotten passwords on the Afaria management client. Can't get into WM to clear the storage, and there's no stylus on the phone so hard reset instructions from other forums don't work.

Does anyone know how to hard reset one of these? I have a WM6.1 and WM6.5 version of it.

Nevermind, found it! Volume up and power button do the job

Severe problems with internal GPS

Severe problems with internal GPS

Hi there!

I'm a newbie here and have searched an answer for my question almost everywhere but haven't yet found anything which would help me.

My TyTn II is 3,5 years old and its housing was pretty trashed (the device worked great though). So I purchased a brand new housing for it.

OK, I replaced the housing by myself and engaged the phone. Everything seemed to work just fine except internal GPS. All the programs I've used seem to find phone's internal GPS but cannot get the fix even though I've downloaded several updates of Quick GPS and tried many navigation & GPS testing programs. The longest period has been 1 hour so I suppose it should've get the fix during that time.

So I assume that the internal GPS is broken. I don't know whether I'm right with my doubts but therefore I'd like to ask couple of things and I'd really appreciate if someone would be able to give me proper answers to them.

Question #1: If the device is found but cannot get the fix, is the problem in GPS antenna itself or is it a software issue?

Question #2: Where is that internal GPS of TyTn II/Kaiser/P4550 located and can it be replaced afterwards?

Question #3: If the internal GPS cannot be replaced, where could I find a decent priced main PCB (if the GPS antenna is welded/integrated on the main PCB???) or should I just try external GPS antenna?

Thanks a million in advance!

First off: Step Outside! GPS will not work indoors {not even if your standing at the window}. If you've already tried that, then:

Kaiser service manual <->

This will give you a breakdown of the device & show you the location of every component.

1) If the device is recognizing the GPS module, then most likely it is fine. The problem is probably in your GPS antennae.

2) Refer to link above

3) eBay is the best bet. You can get a used Kaiser fairly cheap nowadays. On eBay you can get one with a broken screen for very lil' & use the motherboard in it to repair yours.

Using the Service manual for reference, open the device & check the GPS antennae. It may just be a loose connection. 

htc touch pro Can't delete Outlook E-mail account?

Can't delete Outlook E-mail account?

    Hey guys,

    I'm running a miri's cooked rom and have accidentally setup a bad email account with Outlook that I just can't delete!
    When I go to settings -> outlook -> email, I have 3 accounts listed there. 2 that I have setup correctly and wish to use and Outlook E-mail right up the top.
    When I select it and choose Menu -> Delete, it's greyed out and I can't delete it!

Outlook Email is the system's email server. IT CANNOT BE DELETED {under any circumstance}. If you look in the mail program on your PC; you wil see that you have the exact same thing there. The Outlook account is needed to act as a "middle man" for your mail accounts.

    can i somehow clear the settings i've erroneously placed in there then?
    reason why i ask is because when going into my mail app (using the sliding menu at the bottom), it will show:
    - compose email button
    - 3 mailbox buttons

    it annoys me how that outlook mailbox button is there when i don't even use it.

    i'm not sure if it was there before and i'm wondering if i delete all the mail settings, will it go away?

I'm not sure if there is a way to remove the mailbox from the Home screen interface. I do not use HTC's home screen screwups because they use up way too much system resource; & are very buggy. I use the standard Today screen & customizers. Such as SPB PocketPlus, SPB Mobile Shell, & others. Maybe someone else would know a way to remove it