Seven love story - a brief but shocked

Seven love story - a brief but shocked

Sources: tian shan log

Away key

He and she met on the train evolved, he sat opposite her, he was a painter. He has been painting her, when he took the painting to send when he took the painting to her, they just know he this lives in a city. Two weeks later, she was identified him as her life beloved.

That year, she made the bride, like realized a dream, I feel really good. But, married life is like a glancing blow after match, polished haven't the light. He trival matters, love clean, wasn't good contacts, he advocated freedom, like freely, though she cleverly like lamb of god, but he still feel that marriage tied him. But they still love each other, and he decency, never NianHuaReCao.

Her tears and he divorced, but took home key. She no longer tube he tumbled hair, no longer tube he no longer tube he some rest, where, and who together, just continue to pick up the room, clearing the rubbish. He also used to her presence, also break in marriage more romantic than to love her, what candle night meal, hiking tourism, rose bed, she would not in love and marriage, but enjoy in the present. In addition to bright red marriage became blackish green divorce card outside, they and knoe husband and wife.

Later, he finally became famous artist, that a foot feet tall artwork, became a dozen colourful money, she helped him for his business to help him management consumption. They always do, until he was diagnosed with cancer is terminal. The point of, he took her hand and asked her, why is accompanied his life without regret. She told him, love to much longer than marriage, marriage ended, but love is not over, so she would stand by his life.

Yes, love than marriage length should be long, marriage ended, love can still, love without marriage is not in the form, but in content.

Broken vase

He and she are university students, he comes from a remote rural, she comes from cosmopolitan city. His father is a farmer, her father is a manager. Besides these, no one say they are naturally of a rightness, in her family, they opposed the finally together.

He is the examinee of directional distribution, graduation only return to scheduled units. She gave up her father find good unit, with his back to his own town. He has a small staff in station do, she was a secondary school, have a hard and quiet life. In materialistic today, such as the love for Hollywood "classical".

That day, very cold. She dragged the body, in cold emphatically school for fall class students make up missed lesson, she phoned him, let him go home earlier for dinner. But when she was tired and hungry when he returned home, he is not in the house, cold pot cold oven, without the slightest popularity, she just want to start cooking, he came back. She asked where he went, he said, because she can't come back to cook, he went out to eat. She was sad, with full of tears into the bedroom bulb. She passed tea table, skirt horn blown down the vase on tea table, vase fell to the ground, broken. After six months, she left the county, and return to the cosmopolitan city.

This is the marriage, strong and weak. As beautiful vase, put in an appropriate position, can withstand the weathering, but as long as the years with a touch, fell to the ground, they may become without number pieces.

Dripping sunblind

He and she belongs to childhood friends, familiar with each other even to breathe frequency similar. Time is long, the marriage had a depressing and depressed. She knew that he thoughtfulness, and know he heart good, can still feel dissatisfied, she asked him, how do you a little appeal all have no, his embarrassed smile, how just calculate have interest?

Later, she wanted to leave him. He asks, why? She said, "I hate the dead samples life. He said, let god to decide, if rain, tonight is the providence let us together. When evening came, she's just sleeping, I heard the sound of raindrops pattering window, she a surprised, really rain? She got up, walked to the window glass is streamed down across the night sky, is water, star-filled sky! She climbed the roof, good heavens! He was upstairs one scoop of a spoon to descend watering. Her heart in move, his arms gently from behind.

Marriage is need a little bit of appeal, it is like an oasis in the desert, let us fatigue eyes feel hope and beauty, as appropriate, to "left" and "right" a fresh felling.

The final trip

He is a make design engineer, she is a high school graduating class's class ren, both missed the best season of love, when it was introduced and acquaintances. No cabal, go in the process of natural ran along lightly since married.

The third day after marriage, he ran to the unit to work overtime, in order to catch design, he can even night desperately, continuous few days and nights don't go home. She was busy graduating class management, often comes home late. To their own things, and they like two heritage in their respective gyro, high-speed rotating in orbit.

Send away the graduating class, quiet she began re-examine your life, examine yourself of marriage, she opened, don't know their beginning confusion in his heart have multiple, she didn't seem to remember he said that love him. One day, she asked him if he loves her, he said of course love, or how can marry, she asked him how to say love, said he didn't know what to say. She took out to write good divorce agreement, he leng, saying, let's go to travel right, married honeymoon I didn't accompany you, I owe you too much.

They went to the zhangjiajie grotesque rocks. PiaoYu weather and their gloomy mood is same, walking in hovering mountain path, she found him always walked outside, she asked him why, he said, he was afraid too slippery road outside the fence rickety, afraid she million fall. Carelessly Her heart suddenly felt the warm, home took the divorce agreement tear.

Many times, love is buried in the bottom of my heart, especially in the love, marriage in light, said not to come out, but for real.

Drying of dried turnip

Lived an old couple downstairs, the man is retires cadre, the female of the place before retirement level is a big chief physician of the hospital, and their two children, one is a bureau middle-level cadres, a study abroad.

One evening in autumn, I saw the old lady in make radish, I very strange, like her family, used his flooded food to eat? I asked her, zhang aunt, your home also flooded the pickle? The old lady is feng yun, laughing a face of happiness, she said you king "love to eat I do radish pickle, ate a lifetime all not greasy, past work again favour, will give him dry food, how much more will now retire, how is time.

The old man looked at turn dishes, suddenly thought of Mr. Lin yutang likelihood berra, love a person, out of his belly up. For those through dozens of load turbulent marriage speaking, love could really fall in the bowl and landed in "dried turnip".

Not every love is truly, truly great, and simplicity is a kind of marriage border.

The scenery around

And xu, as they had so family love passionately, but over the years, he began to become the loss of apathy, probably is the people often say "aesthetical fatigue" right, passion less and less, heart began to drift.

He started online chat QQ, in virtual, find fresh feeling. One day, he in a web site saw a signature "fallen maple leaf" written essays, is about a woman to live down. Opposite marriage That beautiful language and text, between the light sadness lies deeply touched him. He doesn't understand, a sentiment such exquisite and rich woman, her husband will not know how to cherish? He read the Zhuan forbidden not registered material, the woman found that register mailbox was his wife's name QuanPin, provoking him violently, my wife's name is "maple"? Their how to forget,

His wife was chairman of college literature communities? Just marriage makes she dismissed many hobbies.

He went into the kitchen, by hand from the loins of living wife behind rings: what are we going to eat a meal go for a walk. The wife of a shoulder micro micro shock tangel: sun? You don't get to the Internet? He turned his wife's body, looking at that actually very good-looking face and said, I will walk with you everyday.

"Is blinded in this mountain", people often say no scenery, actually scenery around often is on your side.

Meek husband

He and she are small workers, low salary, but enough life. Her husband is very common, wife was very beautiful, also very cute.

Because each other very have time, they each month or out to see a movie, or go shopping park, or go out for dinner. As long as the wife want to, the husband accompany. What matter all along his wife, as long as his wife happy, if the conditions permit, never say half a "no", seems to have no from his ideas. Once, they go out for dinner, wife let husband order, the husband said, something you love to eat, the wife have a little angry, you won't have a little on their own! Isn't that a little timid! Husband stare blankly, sighed: I was just an ordinary worker, can't give you the best, I just want to in their own "can" range, the best for you.

The world of men and women, but a humble no humble love, love her, gave her best, I think this should be the true meaning of marriage?

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