Cairne Bloodhoof - Tauren ChieftainRange dota 6.60

Cairne Bloodhoof - Tauren ChieftainRange:
150 Move Speed: 310Primary: STRStr: 24 + 2.3 Agi: 14 + 1.5 Int: 23 + 1.6Damage: HP: 0 Mana: 0HP Regen: Mana Regen: Attack Speed: Armor: 3

Since ancient times it has been prophesized by the Tauren elders that a Chieftain will come, strong as the mightiest warriors and wise as the eldest shamans. After many years of wandering the sacred lands, seeking wisdom from his forefathers, Cairne Bloodhoof has proven himself as the long awaited hero. Cairne carries with him the spirit of his mightiest ancestor, and now the ground shakes with the combined strength of the Chieftain and his guardian spirit. No physical nor magical barrier can reduce the power of his enchanted halberd, the weapon used by his guardian in ancient times. Such is the power of this axe that it can split the very earth itself. Seeking revenge for the ravaging of his homeland, Cairne will soon bring his wrath upon the Scourge.

Echo Stomp (T)Calls upon the spirit of his ancestors to join him in an earth-shattering echo, rendering nearby foes unconscious. The spirit and Tauren Chieftain both deal 80 damage in the area, the Spirit dealing magical damage and the physical form dealing physical damage. Unconscious enemies will wake if they get hit. If the spirit is separated from you, it will still perform its part of the spell. 1.4 second cast time. Level 1 - Knocks out units for 2 secondsLevel 2 Knocks out units for 3 secondsLevel 3 - Knocks out units for 4 seconds Level 4 - Knocks out unitsfor 5 secondsMana Cost: 100/115/130/145Cooldown: 15 seconds

Ancestral Spirit (C)The Tauren Chieftain sends forth his guardian ancestor to bring ruin upon his foes. While separate from the Chieftain, the spirit will mimic his movement and damage any unit it passes through. When it rejoins the Chieftain, it grants him bonus damage and movement speed for each enemy it has struck. Level 1 - Deals 120 damage. Gives 3 attack damage and 1% speed per creep, and 10 attack damage and 5% speed per hero.Level 2 - Deals 160 damage. Gives 6 attack damage and 1% speed per creep, and 20 attack damage and 5% speed per hero.Level 3 - Deals 200 damage. Gives 9 attack damage and 1% speed per creep, and 30 attack damage and 5% speed per hero.Level 4 - Deals 240 damage. Gives 12 attack damage and 1% speed per creep, and 40 attack damage and 5% speed per hero.Casting Range: 1500 Area of Effect: 275 Duration: 8 secondsMana Cost: 110Cooldown: 19 seconds

Natural Order (N)The Tauren Chieftain uses wisdom gathered throughout the ages to reduce everything to its most basic level. Removes base Magic and Physical resistance. Level 1 - 20% reductionLevel 2 - 40% reductionLevel 3 - 60% reductionLevel 4 - 80% reductionArea of Effect: 250Mana Cost: N/ACooldown: N/A

Earth Splitter (E)Using his mighty axe, the Tauren Chieften rends the very earth itself, sending a jagged crack under the feet of his enemies. After several seconds the earth implodes, sending his foes tumbling inwards. Any unit caught in the implosion will take damage based on their maximum life and have their speed slowed for a short time. Implodes after 3 seconds. Deals 35% of a unit's maximum HP. Level 1 - Deals 35% of targets maximum hp, and slows 30% for 3 seconds.Level 2 - Deals 35% of targets maximum hp, and slows 40% for 4 seconds.Level 3 - Deals 35% of targets maximum hp, and slows 50% for 5 seconds.Mana Cost: 175Cooldown: 90/75/60 secondsCasting Range: 1600 Area of Effect: 350 (width) / 2400 (distance)

Plus point strategy :Tauren chiefs on the main pre-game skills, the latter by his teammates, the trick is not indisputable, 1 need to upgrade skills of control skills as a result of over 4 to reduce the basis of only the last resistance and armor upgrades, so i think then the first line of thought points Species:

Tauren equipment: metamorphosis of this too. Can pre-fight aids, gank, the latter can be a control and human shields. Recommendation 2 pendants and equipment (he did not need the Arcane Ring), an artificial leg jump knife, and yellow (see the case, you can not see), fighting mad. Strike. Heart.

Playing skills of his decision: he must be a control AOE Hero 2 skills and 1, once a skill, and regimental combat can be a considerable range of halo, and then add a big blow, all across the red blood (or at least about half the blood). 2 of his combination of skills and skills in a combat mission when the appearance may not be able to control the market, can be upper hand in the down time can also be used, so it seems we have to change dota to God to shake the largest cattle control of the title, and now definitely go Tauren.

other use of skills

1. Early out shoes, together with the 2 attack skills to accelerate the increase in the effectiveness of team-mate in the side and a few people kill too easy to establish as soon as possible after the migration edge equipment, the magic wand + bottles enough to fly you transition to shoes. The audience after flying shoes support, does not support the equipment on the brush line, the operation is not sharp on the human shields and equipment, operating out sharp on the dps, ganker equipment, the operation to the ultimate use sharp big knife Siva root hair sheep Aster ... ... 2. Big trick is the use of the simplest upper hand then, firstly the simplest is a step in the goal behind and then release the soul of ancestors Stomp echo immediately. If you want to hurt the big strokes and higher Stomp immediately after the amplification, and in the other party before the entry into force to ensure that you are the soul of the ancestors of the 250 range has the soul of the ancestors of the order of the ring. Similarly, when the latter can be no blood in the distant ancestors of the spirit of the provision of remote control to reduce the anti-magic armor and services. 3. Tauren Chieftains had a knife somebody wants to jump out of BKB, but in fact only the sword dance as a faster switch to enter the battlefield, and goes back to jump over the last halo halo and not too much difference between the nature, in order to more than 80-point jump to buy the physical harm BKB knife obvious ... ... the need for eggs that you have a new version of the bug. 4. Stomp echo cattle movements can interrupt the light, but Wang and sand similar to the earthquake, regardless of whether you are a successful magic, cd and power of demons are to be deducted. So nothing to step on another floor to use this action to frighten people to play ... ... 5. Consciousness enough to try to find the soul of ancestors, and the soul of ancestors can not see through the vision of the terrain, but are not bound by the advantage of terrain, detection invincible. (With cattle God knife dance, the detection of a small corporation to eliminate a ... ...) 6. Of course, the soul of ancestors can be used as a means of deterrence, you will put the enemy to start walking a bit. This is also an opportunity to create combat mission.

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