How Much Money Can a Blog Earn?Do you have an Adsense Check?

I every month through the google income $2000, I will help you to make money now with your BLOG

This was my first Google Adsense Check received on 25 January 2007

and this is my first Adbrite Check received on 2nd Jan 2008

google Adsense Check

Most Famous Adsense Checks

1. PlentyOfFish

PlentyOfFish is one of the most successful free online dating sites. Based on Caneda , PlentyOfFish currently holds the highest record from Google Adsense. Markus Frind (owner of POF) received a check of $901,733.84 CAD

google Adsense Check


Without doubts Jeremy Schoemaker deserves a spot in this website. With his $132,994 adsense check he proves that his marketing skills are really killing.

google Adsense Check
3. BuscoAfiliados

Javier Buckenmeyer is another guy who received a good amount from Google Adsense program. He actually got paid via Bank transfer but it still counts. Below is the proof of his payment

google Adsense Check
4. MubinAhmed

Mubin is another great blogger and affiliate marketer. He has received a good adsense check for the total amount of $1,442,41

google Adsense Check

5. GoldPoster

Olgi Zenullari has received an Adsense Check of $229 from his site. Below we are posting his Adsense check image.

google Adsense Check

7. GreatDogSite

GreatDogSite is a site dedicated fully to dog breeds. The guy who owns that has received a small but symbolic adsense check

google Adsense Check

other photo

google Adsense Check

google Adsense Check


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        How Much Money Can a Blog Earn?Do you have an Adsense Check?



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