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My heart DiBuJiu popularity high inadequate fourth in the Cova Jana, big-name Czech first belle, 80 years April 13, charmaine tong age should not been small, Cova looks like teenagers Jana is same, and although scoured the entire network also blind photographed the true army film of she, popularity has been on high, I be again to her love and hate, Czech so beautiful girls even heavier tastes all clap, why only she can keep not broken JinShen, don't really set auger of become? Actually her film or many, of course I can't say to have seen them all, but from her film total directory perspective, all female with types of movies, and if the Czech first belle clap true army film, with my senior olfactory certainly find, the feeling is today Cova 

just as did Jana Janine Lindemulder as don't clap a true army film. But don't clap a true army film may also be numerous LangYou like her reasons, for looking forward to it, early in NINN WORX filming aestheticism film, should be in the United States recently signed a Playground, with Digital aestheticism giant Sophia Santi had many lesbian appeared, and visiting done a couple of Digital Playground of similar to BIG butt series JACK 'S BIG ASS display film, but are all from touch and lesbian storyline. THE following For her major works: Sex. Cova insgroupsto Jana Island Fever 4 (3 disc) Teagan All - as Undressed & Girl Oversexed Jack 's Porcelain Hot Rod For Playground 31 Sex Addicted to Sinners Peek Jack' s Playground 26 Jack 's Big Ass display For THE First three RAUNCHYSoloerotica before THE hoplink AND 5 6 Jana Sexual Freak 4 Sexz in THE City total of 18 disk D5

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My heart popularity dropped, the third Anais Alexander, 84 years was born on February 3, 19 his debut, Los Angeles, USA, can let me special favorite American actress, there are not so many because the vast majority of American actress is blasting plump, extra large big butt ball milk, don't like this unnatural beautiful condition, Anais Alexander are very typical European supermodel figure and face, typical Europe generating eyes, affected sex maniac nets that dude influence, let me also like her very much, but the web for her material really not many, I just know her in NINN Suze Randall and WORX two companies screening, the most impressive is NINN WORX dilivery, AWA will Eva of that beautiful large most left side that eyes will discharge of beauty, because of long time no see her latest works, so popularity dropped. The following for her major works: Pop 5: The Beauty of The Blowjob (D9) Pop 6: The Beauty of a Soloerotica Sex Addicted to Blowjob AWA will (6) D9 Fetish I have Your Dreams Exposed Angel Cassidy totaling 5 disk D5.2 disc D9

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Yoshizawa Akiho 吉沢明歩 よしざわ あきほ

Nickname: Acky date of birth: on March 3, 1984 measurements: 58-86-86 cm in height: bachelor meters blood type: type A interest: shopping gallery, tennis installfest: 17 good location: the opposite seat sexy belt: clit Japanese spelled: Japanese original 沢 Ming step anonym auspicious よ し ざ わ: あ き ほ the Roman character: Yoshizawa Akiho


Yoshizawa Akiho 吉沢明歩 よしざわ あきほ (1984 March 3 -) is A born in Tokyo, Japan, was "AV had had originally many sweet son, north of teak Tina, and other famous AV" AV producers MAX - A banner entertainer. On the occasion of the 5th year do entering the little princess ", "AV JiZeMing step also from rental version of MAX - A move to sell version of cadastral Maxing burning candle at both ends and S1 ground hair slice. Because of its appearance resembles Hong Kong artist DengLiXin and made her in south China area is famous noise. Her debut early is originally do magazine, however because of its model is limited ability to AV firm ". Except for AV outside, JiZe also Japanese drama "niang king" performance. In Hong Kong are called "Japan Stephy". In 2007, the more get Japan AV open 2007 the first name. 2008 by Hong Kong TV ATV invitation with another popularity "mihiro attended to Hong Kong for its TV show" AV firm (do the potential, causes many sensation. Didn't seem to have seen no, do not know to have, but still see sets a quite comfortable points. BBS, said yesterday see a horse "ha ha" JiZeMing step, now still very red. JiZeMing step debuting in 2003, launched in love and never dull, then Alice debut mainly in love and never dull and Alice MAX - A turns hair slice, until recently joined the thin yards, bounded by two thin yards producers S1 and MAXING turns hair slice, raised A whirlwind of Ming step. Many people at first sight JiZeMing step, there is always confused this girl was so beauty, find thyself sea to sell meat when "? Recently she finally admitted that she because they want to be star just went wrong AV boundary. And now, when a female star still is her only object in life. Although in this line for a is three, four, but she still think Yoshizawa Akiho 吉沢明歩 よしざわ あきほAV worlds in she is only a stepping stone, she has confidence will some day like ai jima like success from "ranks, march entertainment development.

Had HuoYoshizawa Akiho 吉沢明歩 よしざわ あきほJiangXiang

2005 VideoboyYoshizawa Akiho 吉沢明歩 よしざわ あきほ VB idol reward Videoboy VB idol aicken fifth 2004 Videoboy VB fourth 2003 idol is great reward


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ShenTianGongZi see strange eyes, then tell me they two why people. One is that part of the river drama "flower" director nagano industry, and another will teach ShenTianGongZi play guqin is that the teacher who TianZhongSen two.

Hear ShenTianGongZi on my introduction, the director of my heritage is nagano smiled the point nod, even with my bow! Then the TianZhongSen 2 is very is arrogant out an my one eye, the slightest without expression.

Propriety suggests reciprocity, I naturally won't TianZhongSen two to the good look, I again not with you, why again face to flatter you down? So I will also to nagano industry smiled and nodded, expressed our goodwill between.

According to ShenTianGongZi said, in nagano industry's hotan or just to just two, and I also be around steps of time. When two of them came made to speak, I will also came into the room.

"Son, I listen to revenue TianZhongJun said, you have several days not find him practice guqin. Another two days will shoot, when the time comes you if again won't take word, can do! Do you want to find avatars acted in!" Because the top is the first star, so that nagano industry even as an director identity, but also bad how the openings harsh words.

"The director, you can't mistreat me ah, these nights I but everyday in practice harps! This but I own part, then I won't make avatars to play!" ShenTianGongZi affirmative spoke and said.

"Oh, deep field is miss one practise at home? This is bad, not my advice, afraid that you learn to play guqin is bad!" The TianZhongSen two said these words, the tone is the kind of pride that could not be undone.

Ha ha, this guy words listened to let a person some uncomfortable, I daresay lane is bad ShenTianGongZi listened to also will not be happy!

Sure enough, ShenTianGongZi heard the remark after, then some start to explode revolt to: "teacher, tanaka according to thy so talk, you should also taught me for over half a month of time, I should also learn some. But I to now were playing music, it's not I was too stupid!"

"No, no, no, because guqin this thing, doesn't happen overnight affair, so now you also play not but very normal things." Although heard ShenTianGongZi revolt words, but that TianZhongSen 2 is without a hint of unhappy. Instead, he still has some ass-kissing please meaning.

"Mr. Tanaka, actually I don't want to say. But we miss revenue son are good, don't want to say this. But I am not that kind of benevolence, to tell you the truth, we hired a harp daredevil several times people to teach benchi miss, you calculate son!" Beside me ZuoTengLanZi but also cannot help but spoke.

"Who, did you invite who will teach you and harps!" Heard the remark of nagano industry is very curious counter-question.

See TianZhongSen two also pay attention to rise, ZuoTengLanZi smiles and then point to me. "This one is the guqin teacher, we have invited his xylophone art but higher than you on a few times!"

"He!" Nagano industry in hotan sen 22 individual seem as if they are mercilessly ray once, along ZuoTengLanZi finger pointing, they two eyes change is so mouth stare mesh stay.

After a while, they just came over two. Then the TianZhongSen ErBian not incredibly spoke and said: "miss sato speaking, whether you're joking! This ising clear just a child, even if he play the piano, why would like me! If know, my teacher but guqin master akasaka ichiro three disciple!"

"Akasaka ichiro! But the harp in Chinese poetry of the!" Nagano industry surprised spoke and said.

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Aiko Najamori For those who flatter words, I don't want to listen to go down, hence then please sit in the ShenTianGongZi guqin please, open a play guqin correctly refers to pose.

Today's Aiko Najamori the first day, I did not teach her play what any cadence, just how to correctly guide ShenTianGongZi pawlowska playing. Be so just, but also will I and ShenTianGongZi tired not line, but in the end she also haven't reached my request.

Finally looked at the time it was already Aiko Najamori very late, then let ShenTianGongZi their practices, and I returned to foreland-buckling.

Of course, nature is by ZuoTengLanZi drive will I send back. And when you go out, and more than XiaoLun returning. ZuoTengLanZi outside the watch carefully for several minutes, make sure no outside the paparazzi, just ask me out of the gate.

Carefully to the back of the ZuoTengLanZi car, by her Aiko Najamori back to Tokyo university, is already at night. Return to room after, but there are no do many other things, direct laid into bed.

So for several days at night to cast ShenTianGongZi there, Aiko Najamori hard for her to teach lessons. However, the effect still have led some. At least now ShenTianGongZi if place a posture, light is general perspective, it is absolutely can't see ShenTianGongZi won't play. No, even if general insiders, saw that ShenTianGongZi pendulum posture, also won't know ShenTianGongZi won't play. Only, if let ShenTianGongZi plays on a song of it, I'm afraid.

In order to solve this problem, I ShenTianGongZi for few nights of puzzling also finally was make up a song is very simple cadence, then teach ShenTianGongZi is.

This day is Friday, is ZuoTengLanZi to pick me up. Or us.all carefully, as the underworld joints to ShenTianGongZi like home.

Yet let I didn't think it was in the home ShenTianGongZi, incredibly still two men, but let me is very curious.

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Birthday: 1981/12/06

Nationality: Canada

Measurements: 34D - 24-38

Height: 178 cm

Skill: Cruze Natalia, Santi Sophia

AV career: 2003 to Present

1981 times Santi Sophia, is a Canadian AV actress. The chest and buttock big very natural symmetry, Canadian belle, see material have Romania, gypsy, Germany, north Indian, Ireland, Mongolia several descent, is mixed terribly beauties.

Sophia Santi 14 began to be engaged in work, 2002, a Model Cruze Natalia skill, topped the attic magazine (Penthouse) November number playmate girl, and selected 2005 attic magazine's annual playmate young woman in second.

In 2005, Sophia Santi with Digital AV studios Playground agreement, the main performance "lace" (Lesbian) categories of AV films, although Sophia Santi once declare - she will eventually with boy together appealed to performance. So far, the most spectacular Sophia Santi, she was in the works of Island Fever # 4 performance.

At 18, Sophia Santi started on her body, large area tattoo on Japanese dragon tattoo designs.

Sophia Santi ever mentioned, when she began to understand "tattoo" this door body art, after sting addicted. Sophia Santi chose not to small area tattoo, instead of large area tattoo, preference Sophia Santi will keep continuous tattoo down.

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Sophie MoonSo-called Hungary first belle, Hungary beauty numerous, don't know which tall person give her title 81, was born in December 24, pure eastern Europe blondes, 19 his debut, in France woodpecker companies and 21SEXTURY several European companies take a few film, but in a woodpecker inside have no filmed dozen true army Sophie Moon fragments, but not filmed true army of movies, Sophie Moon and according to verify the beauty I had to enter through the back door and double inserted and other heavy taste clips, just network spread of truly scarce, so I told her double inserted works fragments or margin side, she belongs to built natural shapely, 1 meter 65 height, chest and buttocks all is not very big, focus on face enough sweet, enough beautiful, once for North America famous Sophie Moon  figure standing DDGIRL photographed the large photo, masturbating, lesbian film and photos! Sophie Moon Why give her so high status? There is a saying good, Sophie Moon can is always the best, since I know Hungary first belle clap overweight flavors of film, Sophie Moon then

China, Russia sign emergency aid document

MOSCOW, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- A handover certificate on China providing Russia with emergency humanitarian aid has been inked in Moscow between the two sides, the Chinese embassy in Russia announced on Thursday.

The document was signed by Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui and Vladimir Puchkov, State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Russian Emergencies Situations Ministry on Wednesday.

On behalf of the Russian government, Puchkov thanked the Chinese government and people for providing aid and support to Russia on the abnormal summer wildfires.

Li spoke highly of the close cooperation between China and Russia in recent years on emergency rescue and humanitarian aid, and expressed hope that China could further strengthen cooperation and exchange views with Russia in this regard in the future.

The humanitarian aid delivered by the Chinese side on Aug. 20 was worth three million U.S. dollars, including fire extinguishers, compressors, fire-fighting suits and gas masks.

Statistics showed that the summer wildfires have cost Russia 15 billion dollars.

Beijing teachers give kids early competitive edge

While the State Council announced policies to promote pre-school education, CCTV reporter Zhang Nini visited one kindergarten in Beijing to find out how teachers there are prepping kids to get that early competitive edge.

Reading out loud a newly-learned poem, these five and six year olds are expected to graduate from kindergarten and attend primary school next September.

Apart from elementary courses, the kids here are able to expand and foster their interests with classes ranging from playing the violin, making handicrafts, to reading basic signs.

A student said, "This sign means wheel-chair accessible facilities, this is drinking water, and this means there's a hospital around. "

Another student said "I learn to write, read and play the violin here."

And even a toddler is able to impress his mom about how much he has learned in three months.

A parent Zhu Yu said, "My son's only two and a half years old, yet I am amazed to find that he could memorize forty idioms. He also sings children's songs to me, can eat by himself, open the door and pour water for guests."

Wang Haiyan, Director of Beijing Gold Cradle Kindergarten, said, "Right after they are enrolled, the students are taught to manage their own life, and in their last year at kindergarten, teachers from primary schools will come and prep them for the challenges ahead. "