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Many bloggers spend time (some more time than others) everyday coming up with new entries to interest their readers. Well, wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for all your hard work & efforts?

Sure, there are lots of sites out there that pay you to blog but, for most of them, your blog has to be well-established (older than 30-90 days) with at least a pagerank of 2 or 3. So, what about us new bloggers, who just started our blogs and/or don’t have a pagerank at all yet?

Well, here’s the answer. I just came across Snapbomb, a way to earn money writing blog posts, and it’s perfect for established and newbie bloggers. Snapbomb is creating a lot of positive Internet buzz around them as well.

Even if you have a pagerank of 0, Snapbomb will accept you, making it easy to find opportunities & start earning money right away.

Snapbomb gives your blog a “value”, which is what you will generally get paid. That is of course unless a particular opportunity has a maximum value per post, in which case you will get the maximum allowed for that opportunity. The “value” range is based on how well you match up to a particular opportunity.

So as always, well-established does beat newbies as far as “value” but, at least newbies still do get a chance!

Out of all the paid to blog sites I’ve come across, Snapbomb has been the easiest to sign up for & the easiest to get started with. So, if you’re looking for a quick & easy way to monetize your blog, Snapbomb is definitely a great blog marketing tool to consider.

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