How to make money online through your blog

How to makemoney And what are the best ways to makemoney through your blog? this article Blog advertising is one of the best ways to make money give us the answer that blog advertising is one of the best ways to make money,and detialed the six kinds of ways to make money through your blog.

blog advertising is contextual advertising.

blogger places ads that are relevant to the content of his or her site onto the blog page.This kind of advertising is best for people who are just getting started with blogging because it is inexpensive and there are many places to find this kind of advertising.


Companies will pay bloggers to review their products,This kind of advertising is mostly for more popular blogs.

Text Link ads

These ads are based on the textual content of the blog in people’s comments and the blog itself. This form of advertising is rarer than many of the others, but it is an option.

Direct ads

bloggers can offer for visiters to purchase directly to advertise in.This makes it a win-win situation for the blogger and the advertiser.

Affiliate advertising

Affiliate programs offer a set of ads that are placed somewhat randomly on all the sites in their program. The sites are usually paid when someone clicks on the ad or purchases a product from the affiliate site.

impression ads

These ads are paid based on the number of times they appear on the blog. Usually there is a cycle of ads that appear on a blog so that one ad is not present all of the time

And the article Blog advertising is one of the best ways to make money describe three ways that bloggers can be paid for the advertisements that appear on their site.

Pay-per-click ads

pay every time someone clicks on the ad from the blog site.

Pay-per-impression ads

pay for each time the ad appears on the site.


pay outs give the biggest payments

These ads pay for every action that someone takes as a result of their ad such as making a purchase or signing up for e-mails. Since this happens infrequently, the amount paid for action ads is higher than the other forms of advertising

As described in the article, it is best to have a variety of ads on your site which use several different payment types. This will bring in the highest income.
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