How to Cancel Credit Cards

How to Cancel Credit Cards

You have been paying off your credit cards and are slowly getting out of debt, but as long as you allow the credit cards to remain open, you find yourself increasingly tempted to fall back into destructive spending patterns. Read more to learn how to get rid of credit card debt and close old credit card accounts once and for all!

How to Cancel Credit Cards

Step 1Contact your credit card company. Remember to document the conversation by noting the name of the representative you spoke to, the time and date of your call, and the content of the conversation.

Step 2Re-affirm your conversation in writing by sending the credit card company a letter informing them that you wish to close the account. Request a confirmation letter to validate the cancellation.

Step 3Check your credit card statement the following month. You will receive one additional billing statement before a final statement showing that the account is closed. If the credit card company has not closed the account contact the company again to insist the account be closed in its entirety

Step 4Contact the three credit reporting agencies to check that each has been notified of the closed account. Your credit report should reflect that no further action has been applied to the credit card account

Step 5Use a pair of scissors to cut the card into many pieces. Be sure to dispose of it properly.

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