How to Get Credit Cards with No Credit

How to Get Credit Cards with No Credit

If you have been wondering how to get a credit card with no credit, it is easier than you think. Everyone needs to start someone where. You can usually start with a retail card, gas card or a secure credit card.

1. Step 1

RETAIL CARDS - Apply for a retail credit card. Try a department store, office supply store or electronics store to start your credit history. Do not apply for too many cards at one time. Apply for approximately 2 cards a month until you get one. Once you get one or two cards, only apply for other cards if you really need or want them. You do not need to have a credit card at every store you shop at. Always make your payments on time. Do not charge more than you can afford. Keep the balance at zero. This is the easiest way to get credit cards with no credit.

2. Step 2

GAS CARDS - Apply for a gas credit card. Gasoline station cards are normally some of the easiest credit cards to get. Normally you can only charge gas and items from their convenience mart on the card. Make sure you pay the card off in full each month. You do not want to pay more for gas than you need to.

3. Step 3

VISA/MASTERCARD - You can try to apply for a visa or mastercard, american express or discover, but most likely you will either not receive one, or the credit line will be very low. If you apply and are denied, do not apply again for six months. If you apply and are given a credit card with a low credit line, that is good. Everyone needs to start somewhere. Your credit line will increase slowly as you prove that you are credit worthy. Make sure you do not charge more than you can afford and that you make your payment on time each month.

4. Step 4

SECURED CREDIT CARD - Apply for a secured credit card. A secured credit card means that your credit line is only as large as the deposit you put down. Normally it is around $250 - $500. You send in the money and then you are able to charge the amount that you sent in. The benefit of this kind of credit card is that you do not need to carry around cash and you are building up your credit history even though you do not have a real credit card. This is the most difficult way to establish your credit, but if it is the only way you can do it, then you can try it. This is just one way to get credit cards with no credit.

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